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Uganda is a culturally endowed country with 56 different tribes. Before independence in 1962, Uganda was ruled by a monarchy system headed by Kings and Chiefs. Today Uganda is making strides into modernity with the capital city being Kampala and with  a minimum population of four million people against a growing population of 40 million people.Uganda’s official languages include Luganda, Swahilli and English.


Uganda has remained unique in a way of their Cuisine, although generally Matooke (plantain) and Ugali (Maize meal) would be the staple food for the most people other ethnic groups would deviate slightly to blend these in the way of preparation. These are food that are easily found as they are cultivated locally however this traditional foods are threatened by the introduction of foreign cuisine. Today there’s the mushrooming of fast food restaurants in the cities.


Uganda in Africa is one of the best traditionally dressed country, Ugandans respect their traditional dress the “Gomesi” for women, a floor length colorful dress while men will wear the Kanzu an equally floor length robe in most cases white. This form of dressing is respected and Ugandans would wear this to honor a wedding, funeral or any other important ceremony and these are also used in the coronation of kings and queens.

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