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Uganda is located on the East African plateau between 4ºN and 2ºS and Longitude 29º and 35ºE. Averaging 1100 meters above sea level.
Uganda has a traditional tropical climate with temperatures ranging from 21ºC-25ºC(70ºF -77ºF). December to February are the hottest months with chilly mornings and evenings. Most regions of Uganda apart from the dry areas of the North have an annual rain fall of between 1000 to 2000 ML.
Indeed Uganda embraces many ecosystems from the high volcano mountains of the eastern and western frontiers i.e Elgon, Rwenzori to the densely forested swamps, rain forest and rivers. The river Nile being the longest river in Africa and offering the best rafts in the World. The Uganda lakes include Lake Victoria, Lake Kyoga in the center of the country and Lakes Albert and Edward.
As mentioned Uganda lies in the Nile Basin, and commands more than twenty rivers which form part of the water mass that includes Kidepo, Narus, Achwa, Pager, Ora and Nyagak that drain into the white Nile.
Other rivers are river Kafu, logoogo, Mayanja, Sezibwe and Lwajjali that drain into Victoria Nile then the Okok river that drains into lake Bisina. River katonga and Kagera that drains into Lake Victoria. Finally we have river Nkusi, river Ssemiliki, River Lamiya and river Rutshuru that drain into lake Albert.

The topology of the country is characterized by undulating hills and mountains covered with evergreen vegetation which offers breathtaking views. Walks and mountain climbing can be enjoyed, gorilla and chimps trekking is one of the most favored activities in Uganda. Forest walks cannot be underestimated either. And as a tourist destination Uganda has an all round attraction and offers the best to the adventurer tourist than any of her EA neighbors. It is beautiful, it is lush and it is breathtaking.

Elevation extremes include Lake Albert as the lowest point at 621m above sea level and the highest point being Margherita Peak on the Ruwenzori at 5110m above sea level. Uganda produces cobalt, copper, limestone, gold and recently oil.

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